I met Jared in 2003 when my mare was at another trainers and I found her 200lbs underwieght and not being worked.  Jared took my mare from those horrible conditions, put the wieght back on her and started her training.  Since then he has helped me with all of my horses and helped me achieve National and World Titles!  Jared is kind to a horse and has the ability to communicate with them.  Jared Simmons is good for horses! Thank you Jared for all that you have done for me and my horses.


-Terri Ray, Marshfield, MA




Bringing my horse to Simmons Sport Horses was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. My horse was taken care of from the second she laid foot on the property. Today, she is the healthiest and happiest she has ever been, and I never worry about her care. Jared goes above and beyond to make sure that the horses are happy and healthy, and I have and will continue to recommend this farm to anyone who needs a place for their horse. Not only does Simmons Sport Horses provide amazing care for the horses, but the riding opportunities are unlike any other. Simmons Sport Horses is the perfect place to practice for competition or to just ride for fun and enjoy yourself.


-Ashley Shipe, College Student, Boarder   




Jared had my horse Nelligan for 2 months when he was a three year old.  I dropped off a horse that had been sat on a few times (by Jared at a clinic) and was returned a horse with a solid walk/trot/canter, but most importantly a horse with confidence in himself that has been there ever since allowing us to do everything from dressage to cattle sorting.  Jared puts a solid start on horses that follows them through all their subsequent training. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of their goals for their horse.


-Sue Heath, Milton, VT




My daughter started taking lessons with Jared at Simmons Sport Horses almost a year ago and she loves it there! Jared is great with the kids as well as the horses. My daughter has learned so much and has grown not only in her riding ability, but in her confidence level. The facility is beautiful and very well run. It is very welcoming and family oriented. We are so thankful to be a part of the stable fun!


-Kim Swope, Lesson Student Parent



I started taking lessons at Simmons Sport Horses last summer and I love it. The thing I appreciate the most is that they explain riding techniques so that I can understand them. Everyone is very friendly and kind. I enjoy spending my spare time at Simmons Sport Horses.


-Anna Fager, Lesson Student